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Big Data Is Worthless!


In and of itself, the vast collection of raw material that makes up Big Data has no value.  If it did, entrepreneurs would collect and store as much of it as possible and sell it, as is.  When is the last time you saw or heard of an offering for the sale of 100 petabytes of raw data?

The focus on Big Data misses the point.  The focus should be on Big Analytics, and more importantly, Big Actionable Insights.  Analytics and Insights are the potential of Big Data realized.

The subject of a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Selling into Micromarkets, makes the point beautifully.  What you do with Big Insights, and how you do it are critical to creating value from Big Data. Another lesson from this example is that Big Data is not the sole domain of IT.  To be sure, IT plays an important role, but a cross-functional team is better suited to leveraging Big Insights for success.