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Altometrics Enhances the Human Role in Big Data


In his HBR blog post, Big Data’s Human Component, Jim Stikeleather correctly notes the critical role human intuition plays in big data analysis. Intuition is, indeed, gained through experience, and “educated guessing” is important, but intuition is still limited by field of vision, time, attention span, and other human factors. Altometrics is creating technology that maximizes decision makers’ view into big data while greatly decreasing the time and level of attention required to interpret and use the resulting analysis.

Because this is so critical to achieving the best possible use of big data analytics, Altometrics offers an exploratory analysis of all facets of a business’s operations that discovers critical relationships that may not be under consideration. Our product focuses on the discovery and analysis of unseen relationships and powerful, creative presentation of data to augment the experience of the business’s decision makers.