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Get More Done One Thing at a Time by Devora Zack

I’m no single-tasking champion or anything, but I’m already on board with the idea which means I’m not sure how convincing the first part of the book is. It may be that the first section isn’t effective to convince an inveterate multi-tasker.

The key idea in this book is that singletasking is about respecting the person in front of you by focusing on that person (or task). This is better than splitting your focus between many people all over the world. By setting time limits you can still get just as much done without switching your focus constantly throughout the day. Full focus for a short time better than partial focus for a longer time.

The author points out that people aren’t simply multi taskers or single taskers, we are all on a spectrum between those two extremes, sometimes able to focus better than others. “Singletasking” is about focus. Spend time focused on one thing until it is finished or it is time to move to the next thing. Sprinkle in breaks if needed, but don’t fill those breaks with other tasks. When you need to switch to another task do it intentionally and shift your attention to that task, don’t keep one foot in each task.