Stop Using JSON For Configuration Files

Here at Altometrics, we often use Amazon Web Services for deploying web applications. Out of the AWS suite of tools, we are very fond of Amazon CloudFormation. CloudFormation provides a way to specify your application’s entire infrastructure in a single, declarative template. The associated tools handle creating and connecting all of the necessary resources (auto scaling groups, load balancers, etc.) at once, as well as updating your stack when the template changes.

But we have one grievance with CloudFormation. The configuration file needs to be formatted as JSON.
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On Business



This is an explanation of modern business. It introduces you to the six main roles in a business as characters: owners, directors, officers, managers, contributors, and customers. It starts with the relationship between owner and customer. In the early story–really a sort of prologue–that shows the evolution of a man into the owner of his own business. He begins as a man with some property and, through a series of mostly glossed interactions becomes first a “property owner,” the lowest form of owner in the business sense, then a “seller” and a “businessman.” Through an unexpected twist, the businessman becomes a property owner again, but this time on a different level, with a more complex relationship to his original property.

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