Get More Done One Thing at a Time
by Devora Zack

I’m no single-tasking champion or anything, but I’m already on board with the idea which means I’m not sure how convincing the first part of the book is. It may be that the first section isn’t effective to convince an inveterate multi-tasker.
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Histograms: an anti-rationale

Why Histograms are the New Pie Chart


Although pie charts are commonplace, those skilled in the art of data visualization disparage them as a poor vehicle for conveying information. Wedges, the unit being compared in a pie chart, are not something the human visual system is designed to compare with much accuracy. Furthermore, many good alternatives exist, such as bar charts, that lose no information and are easier for humans to digest accurately.

I argue that histograms are more akin to pie charts than bar charts. In other words, they do not play well with the human visual system, and a good alternative exists. This article examines the flaws of histograms, paying particular attention to how humans perceive them. This article examines the major flaw of histograms.

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