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Hearthstone and the World Cup


Hey, it’s been a while!

I just wanted to hit the high points about what we’ve been up to lately.

After finishing up a couple of big projects for a couple of clients, we’ve started to venture into new territory: apps. Not necessarily mobile apps. Rather, just anything that might make people’s lives easier. And since we have a lot of analytics expertise, we are focusing on creating apps that let people analyze data that’s of interest to them. So far, we’ve created two simple apps, each as a quick, one-week project.

Altometrics Enhances the Human Role in Big Data


In his HBR blog post, Big Data’s Human Component, Jim Stikeleather correctly notes the critical role human intuition plays in big data analysis. Intuition is, indeed, gained through experience, and “educated guessing” is important, but intuition is still limited by field of vision, time, attention span, and other human factors. Altometrics is creating technology that maximizes decision makers’ view into big data while greatly decreasing the time and level of attention required to interpret and use the resulting analysis.

Because this is so critical to achieving the best possible use of big data analytics, Altometrics offers an exploratory analysis of all facets of a business’s operations that discovers critical relationships that may not be under consideration. Our product focuses on the discovery and analysis of unseen relationships and powerful, creative presentation of data to augment the experience of the business’s decision makers.

Marketers Forced to Adapt or Die


With the ascendance of Big Data, comes a drastic change for Marketers. Unsurprisingly, most Marketers are not really good at managing based on data. After all, so much of marketing has historically been immeasurable in terms of revenue impact. What was the ROI generated by that last flight of radio?

Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird wrote a blog post—Marketers Flunk the Big Data Test—on HBR’s Blog Network. In the article they profile the kinds of Marketers that provide the greatest value to their employers when it comes to building business based upon data.

Into which profile do your Marketing colleagues fall? Be a friend and pass this on to them. Their careers may depend on it.

Machine Learning Powers E-discovery


The same analytics methodologies critical in IT and business enterprise are major cost cutters when it comes to sifting through the 100,000+ documents that can be generated by modern legal e-discovery. In legal industry terms, these methodologies are called predictive coding. Network Computing Blogger, David Hill, covers this topic in a recent blog post.

Altometrics’s method of advanced big data analytics takes what you know - intuition gained through experience - and bolsters it with what you don’t know but can learn from an arbitrarily large data set that you can’t possibly absorb due to cost, time or other constraints.

Big Data Is Worthless!


In and of itself, the vast collection of raw material that makes up Big Data has no value.  If it did, entrepreneurs would collect and store as much of it as possible and sell it, as is.  When is the last time you saw or heard of an offering for the sale of 100 petabytes of raw data?

The focus on Big Data misses the point.  The focus should be on Big Analytics, and more importantly, Big Actionable Insights.  Analytics and Insights are the potential of Big Data realized.

The subject of a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Selling into Micromarkets, makes the point beautifully.  What you do with Big Insights, and how you do it are critical to creating value from Big Data. Another lesson from this example is that Big Data is not the sole domain of IT.  To be sure, IT plays an important role, but a cross-functional team is better suited to leveraging Big Insights for success.

Company Sees Future in Clouds


The following article appeared in the News & Observer on Monday, February 21, 2011. The article, originally posted here [this link is broken and no replacement could be found -editor], was written by Yunzhu Zhang.

Two local entrepreneurs are determined to make the Internet faster by creating a new approach to cloud computing management.

Altometrics, formed last year, aims to give cloud computing providers like Hosted Solutions and others a fast and robust tool to provide better services, said Sir Robert Burbridge, a former software engineer at Cisco who is Altometrics' chief executive officer.

Carolina Launch Pad Alumni Win Small Business Innovation Grant


CHAPEL HILL, NC—The founders of Altometrics, Inc., have a goal that sounds simple: make the Internet faster. They want to speed up the performance of your favorite websites, prevent those frustrating slow-downs and enable richer Web services.

The young entrepreneurs recently received a big boost towards reaching their goal in the form of a $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation. The award comes with $30,000 in matching funds from the North Carolina Office of Science and Technology. Altometrics is the brainchild of Jeff Terrell, and Sir Robert Burbridge. Terrell, who recently earned his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, serves as the company’s CTO while Burbridge, a former software engineer at Cisco, is the CEO.